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Helping Corporations and Families Overcome Obstacles

"Focus On Your Vision

 Not Your Sight"

Dr. Gregory E. Bell

Now Available for Virtual and In Person Corporate Diversity Training, Youth Empowerment and Personal Development Coaching.,


Meet Dr. Gregory E. Bell AKA Dr. 100 Percent"

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker



Dr. Bell is a highly sought after national and international speaker, educational administrator, mentor, scholar athlete and role model for young children as well as adults facing personal and professional OBSTACLES.


In spite of his childhood eyesight disability at the age of eight, Greg successfully completed his PhD degree at the age of 27 from The Ohio State University. From there he went on to become one of the most respected educators in the country. Dr. Bell's inspiring personal story of overcoming adversity at a very young age offers many HOPE that they can achieve greatness in spite of their disAbility as they PURSUE their possibilities.




Living a purposeful life by following his personal mantra of” Focus on your VISION…not your Sight” is the path that Dr. Bell has traveled for the last 54 years. At the age of 8 Greg was ‘gifted' with a diagnosis of juvenile macular degeneration, leading to center eyesight blindness; for many this would have been a crushing diagnosis, for young Greg, it was an invitation to rise! He chose to use his diagnosis as an elevator to take him to heights that at the time of his diagnosis were unimaginable! 

Dr. Bells signature use of his personally coined acronyms are but one of the many highlights of his inspirational talks on how what could have been an adversity at an early age acted as a catalyst to his path to renowned educator, passionate speaker and advocate for America’s youth.


An energizing and dynamic speaker, Dr. Bell has impacted students and organizations with his colorful illustrations and engaging storytelling presentations. His creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life has uplifted, inspired and encouraged students and professionals alike to PURSUE EXCELLENT (yes EXCELLENT), which represents one of his100% wise words) in defining their life goals.

Based on his engaging presentation style, along with his relative and practical strategies regarding diversity, inclusion, equity and self-empowerment, Dr. Bell has rightfully earned the reputation of being one of the most dynamic, energetic and sought-after speakers today.


Youth Empowerment


Dr.Greg Bell has been recognized as a world-class youth empowerment speaker that understands how to genuinely connects with his audiences of all ages, but this countries youth are his passion. Dr. Bell speaks to all grade levels as he touches the hearts of students with his impactful personal story of overcoming his early childhood eyesight disability. His uplifting spirit encourages students to Pursue the Best U no matter what they face! 


"Dr. Bell is an amazing educator that has devoted his time to mentoring and to uplifting the youth of his community. Full of energy, entertainment, and mind altering knowledge embedded in his personal story helped Dr. Bell to deliver a really engaging presentation.

I highly recommend considering what Dr. Bell has to say and to inviting him to speak at your event. You will not be disappointed!"

Sylvia K. Morrison, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

University of the District of Columbia


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